Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas Inspired Home

Today we are visiting a lovely stone house in Spain decorated for Christmas in greens, whites and silvers. Enjoy!

Two Christmas trees flank the entrance door.

Now this is a lovely idea, an old bike with a basket painted red and just leaning against the wall as a Christmas decoration.

Silver and white vignette on the demi-lune console in the entryway.

It's not that I'm patronizing, but as I'm showing this picture I feel a disclaimer necessary: as much as I love the candles leading the way upstairs, it's a fire hazard and shouldn't be copied. If you can't resist the idea then at least put them in a hurricane or lantern. If there are children or pets around simply don't. There are many other ways you can decorate your stairs!

A beautiful Christmas inspired home. Hope you enjoyed it!
All images from here.

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