Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Old Mill Guesthouse

My messege yesterday might have been a bit confusing so I'll explain my comings and goings again: I'll be posting every day until this Friday, then there will be a couple of posts next week before Christmas. After Christmas and until January 24th I don't think I'll be able to post. C'est tout!

And today we are visiting a restored mill in France. It has been turned into a guesthouse by Annie and Francois who also have a restaurant just steps away.Although some of the rooms have a modern edge which I really don't fancy, the rest of the house, the exterior and gardens are beautiful.
It is located in Alsace, close to Strasbourg, on the edge of the Vosges Natural Park.

Francis and Annie pose on the bridge while Napoleon and Cythare couldn't care less.

Hope you enjoyed! See you tomorrow, my friends!

Photography by Dozel Bernard.
All images from here.

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  1. This guesthouse is so beautiful ,full of great ideas!!! Love the slipcovered chairs in the dining room and the wood paneling in that entry hall (or night hall)!!

  2. Excepto por los techos bajos, me encanta todo, incluso los ambientes modernos. Diría incluso que es la casa que más se acerca a la de mis sueños de todas las que haya visto (¡Y he visto montones!) No sólo por la decoración, que es sencilla y fantástica, sino por su entorno que me parece bellísimo, realmente soñado. Gracias Judi por mostrarnos tan buenos lugares, y que pases unas felices fiestas y mejores vacaciones en Chapadmalal!

  3. Thanks Greet, always lovely to have you around!

  4. Gracias Claudia por tu comentario! Me alegro que te guste!

    Que pases muy felices fiestas vos también!

  5. Me encantó!!!!! <3 aunque el baño no mucho....

  6. I love it! I would love to be a guest at this house. The landscape is beautiful and I loved the details inside of the rooms.

    A merry Christmas for you and your family.


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