Saturday, 19 February 2011

Renovated Summer House in Spain

Good Saturday morning to you my friends! Let's go over to the north of Spain to have a look at a renovated summer house. It was inherited by a young couple and even though it was in quite a poor state and extremely dark as it only had small windows at the front and back, they decided to keep the house. This is what it looks like now.

The house is sandwiched between two others so the only option to get natural light into the house was to have lots of windows covering most of the facade. The entry door also has windows and it's amazing the amount of light in the interiors.

To make the interiors even lighter the walls, ceiling and beams are all painted white. The floor boards are light natural wood. Knitted throws and fluffy pillows add warmth as it's quite cold during the winter.

Venetian blinds and the windows in the door let lots of light into the living room.

The living room, dining room and kitchen are all in the same area on the ground floor. A rustic table on casters, a bench and two chairs for the dining room.

The small kitchen as seen from the living room.

The same square white tiles used for the kitchen walls were used for the counter tops.

Notice the window treatment in the master bedroom. The curtains only cover the sides of the window. The windows in the middle have wooden shutters to lock the light out.

Curtains inside the glass panels of the wardrobe for a tidier look.

To have natural light in the bathroom, the walls go only halfway up. I think I'd be constantly banging my leg against that reindeer head!

Guest room in the attic.

Hope you enjoyed today's tour. Have a splendid weekend and come back tomorrow for more!
All images from here.

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  1. Love all that sunshine! And I adore the throws on the beds. They look so snuggly! The red one is gorgeous as it enhances the touches of red in the decor. Amazing what they've done with so little room!

  2. So cheerful. Love the vibrant colours in every room and the knitted throws, so cosy!


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