Thursday, 14 January 2010

Interior Designer and Stylist Nan Whitney # 2

Some days ago I was thrilled to receive an e-mail from designer Nan Whitney. About a month ago I posted some of her great interior work right here where you can also find a link to her portfolio. She was so kind to send me the following photographs which belong to her new work for Town & Country which she did with photographer Miki Duisterhof.

Beautifully styled photographs, hope you enjoy them!!

Thanks so much Nan!

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  1. oops - change the urls of the pictures !!!! they point to your gmail account.

  2. That's funny. When I open the urls of the pictures it just takes me to the picture itself and not to my mail account. I wonder if it happens on other computers. I'll have to try. Thanks for the warning anyway!

  3. Ok, you were quite right. The pics were not showing up. All fixed now. Thanks anonymous!

  4. Lovely. Glad I found you. I am looking for ideas as my hubby and I remodel a 1840's farm house in MI, USA. Lots of ideas.


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