Friday, 8 January 2010

Spacious Attic in Madrid

Two apartments in one. The owners bought the apartment next door, tore down the dividing walls and made this spacious home. Of course they had quite a lot of work to do. The ceilings had to be lowered in some of the rooms to level them and the whole flooring was changed.

Two sitting areas were created in the big living room. Two original Dutch barrels as coffee tables.

The painted wooden floors appear in every room (except the bedroom), even in the kitchen and bathroom.

I like the bedroom with the exposed beams but I think that chair belongs by the pool!

All images and information from here.

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  1. Beautiful !
    That chair is a Le Corbusier lounge chair. It was designed for any kind of modern living room. Would match perfectly with contemporary + precious antique setting.
    Here it seems a little bit out of place in that country style traditional bedroom decor.
    Thaks for everything !

  2. First let me say that this home is amazing!! I am so impressed that they managed to keep the color palette to all orangey reds and golds on white and really didn't stray from that anywhere. Second? I LOVE the two cushy lounge chairs next to each other in the living room. That way you still get to sit close to your honey, but you both get arms to lean on. Wonderful design idea. I'm filing that one. ;)

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