Wednesday, 23 June 2010

House in Sweden

How are you today dear readers? Enjoying the Football World Cup? I am, I even made an Argentine flag and hung it out on the balcony. I had to make it myself as here in Brazil you can't get them, especially not during the World Cup I guess.

Today there is a sweet house in Sweden I'd like to share with you. Very bright and airy, full of typical white Swedish furniture with splashes of colour in every room and light wood flooring. Some of the pics are quite small but I didn't want to leave them out. Notice the contrast between the façade with all its colours and the indoors.

/ Images/HOH/Cache/448/298/15129_0000niq0_17.jpg

/ Images/HOH/Cache/448/298/15129_0000niq0_4.jpg

/ Images/HOH/Cache/448/298/15129_0000niq0_8.jpg

/ Images/HOH/Cache/448/298/15129_0000niq0_2.jpg

/ Images/HOH/Cache/448/298/15129_0000niq0_3.jpg

/ Images/HOH/Cache/448/298/15129_0000niq0_22.jpg

/ Images/HOH/Cache/448/298/15129_0000niq0_6.jpg

/ Images/HOH/Cache/448/298/15129_0000niq0_7.jpg

/ Images/HOH/Cache/448/298/15129_0000niq0_21.jpg

/ Images/HOH/Cache/448/298/15129_0000niq0_9.jpg

/ Images/HOH/Cache/448/298/15129_0000niq0_10.jpg

/ Images/HOH/Cache/448/298/15129_0000niq0_11.jpg

Hope you enjoyed this tour. Have a great Wednesday!
All images from here.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Kifus, I'm sorry I haven't visited here for some time, I'm still on holidays.
    I love Swedish style and their houses.
    Your posts are fantanstic!
    Next week I'll be in Sweden for the first time and hoping to get some great inspirations.
    TC, Anna


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