Friday, 25 June 2010

Scandinavian Style Home

Sweet Friday to you my friends. Ready for another house tour? This time it is a renovated 3,000 square feet house influenced by Scandinavian design: blonde woods, ambient light, a white palette, and the use of natural materials both as exterior elements and indoor backdrops. Antiques and flea-market finds were used but with a spare hand. Enjoy!

A view of the living room: bright white walls, maple flooring, simple fabrics, classic furniture forms, and just a few select furnishings and art.

Bluestone on the patio outside the dining room continues into this sun-washed space. Salvaged factory glass is used as an interior window that connects to the study. Wicker seating and an antique washstand add texture and warmth to the space.

An antique dresser in the living room with a row of vintage finials and hanging black-and-white photographs by local artist Dan Murtagh. An open niche to the kitchen holds china; simple, small-scale pendants help define the separation without blocking the view.

The view from the entry of the split-level house; a maple door to the upstairs bath, and a Swedish clock.

The upstairs hallway overlooks the kitchen, and more interior windows made from salvaged factory glass bring light into a spare room.

A corner of the living room with old objects: a small cupola and a collection of loom spools.

The serene master bedroom features board-and-batten walls, maple floors and a monochromatic rug. Lush linens and the rounded shapes of the bedside demilune table, mirror, basket, and sconces add softness to the room. An antique bench at the foot of the bed.

The luxurious soaking tub in the master bath is surrounded by Carrara marble.

An enclosure at one end of the tub provides room for display as well as practical storage.

Twin square marble basins rest atop a vanity.

The kitchen island is bookended with brick columns. To create more storage space and dress up existing support posts that couldn’t be moved, they were bricked in and painted.

The location of the main sink under the open niche allows for a free flow of converssation and views between the kitchen and living room.

Stainless-steel appliances blend easily with faucet fixtures, drawer pulls, and yards of Carrara marble to give the kitchen a streamlined look.

All images and information from here.

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  1. very lovely indeed... where is scandinavian?

    i dont realy have time to look it up on google.. but i will saay.. asia. :D

    great pictures!!


  2. Great house! Warmer than I expected. I love bluestone and I love the little wall lights in the dining room area. And the square sinks.
    I'll take brick ANYWHERE in a house and I need to soak in that tub!!
    Thanks for the visit~!

  3. That house is INSANE! I love the white mixed with the wood and textures of baskets etc...

  4. That is so fresh. The wood warms and the hard clean surfaces cool. Beautiful.

  5. Hi :-)
    I adore this home... the kitchen and the bathroom are my favourite... lot of wood and white, beautiful inspirations!

  6. I love those stone floors. I like the way the space was warmed by the wood tones. I like the airy feeling that is given by the lack of window coverings or just with the bamboo type roll ups--I guess you have to have a very nice window to do this look justice and nice scenes out of the window? I once tried doing this in my Spindle Cottage, but it didn't work. It actually looked a little busy---I was doing something wrong!

  7. Hi Kifusm
    questa casa Scandinava mi piace molto... poterci vivere sarebbe molto rilassante, non trovi ?
    Nella foto n.1 mi sono innamorata della fantastica poltrona.
    Buona giornata :-))

  8. This is a very beautiful house! I love that 1st picture and the one of the hall way and the kitchen,and.... everything!
    Thank you for the tour! Have a nice weekend!

  9. Ps. just saying --I see you must like World Cup Soccer! Hope USA does well today!

  10. Hello and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Wahoo! Thank you also for these beautiful photos. So much fun "eye candy"!

    Warmly, Michelle

  11. I could move in here tomorrow! Love those maple floors, the clean whites, the b&w photography in the bedroom... I do wonder how they clean that bathtub though. LOL

  12. Very very very elegant home! Definitely my style!

  13. It is me again!! Haha, I thought I had seen this house before and now I saw that I already commented this pos!!! So you see I really love this house!


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