Monday, 5 July 2010

Photographer Christine Bauer

Second post today to show you the work of talented photographer Christine Bauer. She worked for many years as a stylist for editorials and advertisements before turning to photography. Her work can be found in renowned lifestyle and interior magazines and she also has photographed exclusive hotels. She has specialized on interior-photography, still lifes and the production of home stories. At the moment Christine Bauer is working on her first book.
Soft and feminine. Hope you enjoy the pics I selected for you!

All images from her portfolio right here.

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  1. these are perfect for summer. and oh, the daybed in the second image...

  2. Beautiful photos, thanks Kifus ~ love your blog!!

  3. pic #4,5,6 seems a little difficult to clean up...

    i rather a place that it has almost nothing on it... much better to clean

    Love the photos! xoxooo


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