Thursday, 8 July 2010

Restored Farmhouse in France

Packed your bags already? Today I'm taking you to the village of Lourmarin where we will tour a restored eighteenth century large farmhouse. I can't believe this beauty is called "House of Hens". It sounds far better in French of course which is "Bastide Galinier." Yes, definitely much better. With the help of local craftsmen, owners Isabelle and Edouard Loubet brought new life to this two story Provencal property surrounded by three hectares of park.

The garden vegetation seems to be overflowing into the terrace.

Beautiful vaulted ceiling. Open floor plan for the living room and dining room. The huge, arched window brings the garden into the room.

Modern lines in the kitchen. The table is mounted on casters and fits snugly into the island. It can easily be added to the side of the main dining table to seat more guests.

The old fireplace in the kitchen was preserved. Burgundy enamel tiles for the backsplash. Blue and red chairs add colour.

The staircase is decorated with pottery jugs.

Typically French, the bath sits inside the bedroom. A small lavatory stands beside an antique claw foot bathtub.

Anitque furniture in the master bedroom.

Bath area at the other end of the bedroom with wood panelling.

Photography by Frederick Ducout
All images from here.

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  1. Love the terrace. The plants are beautiful.

  2. Pretty! (last pot's bottom is ... white?)

  3. Ironically, yes, my bags are packed! But instead of this magnificent home being our destination, we'll be camping! Yes, you heard me right! CAMPING!!! In Heber, Utah. Still unbelievably gorgeous! And we'll be boating and jetskiing, so it's not all bad! The best part- all our children and their babies with us, running water, commodes and hot showers!
    I'm taking my Veranda mags with me!
    Thanks for the visit!
    Hmmm...apparently my son-in-law has been on my computer! Anyway, no time to fix it- it's me...Lisa!

  4. Some days, it just doesn't pay to jump online, and this is one of them. I'm dying here - that home is SO perfect.

    I know that it's wrong to covet they neighbor's property, and envy is a deadly sin - blah, blah, blah. I'd gladly trade my rat-race of a modern life for this idyllic retreat any day of the week.

  5. Oh my.. The images are stunning.. I loved the stair case decorated with pots..

  6. Wow this house is amazing the kitchen left me spechless and the bath tub is gorgeous!!!

  7. Oh Kifus...n questa casa è meravigliosa...mi piace molto la finestra della 2° foto arcuata !
    Anche la casa del precedente post è molto bella ed interessante per prenderci degli spunti !
    Kisses e buon fine settimana.

  8. (I talked about the semi hided pot in the 5th pic, inductive sci: white).


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