Sunday, 4 July 2010

House in Cantabria

A very Happy Independence Day to all my American readers! Hope you are all having a wonderful time celebrating with your family.

Today I'm taking you to Cantabria, in the north of Spain. this summer house has been decorated combining modern, classic, and antique furniture. Beautiful rustic beams in all the rooms and colourful accents on a pale background makes it both interesting and attractive. Come with me and take the tour.

Sunny sitting area in the porch. Aluminium frame furniture with straight lines.

Deadly hydrangeas dangerously placed near the vintage tea set.

Two chester sofas face each other in the living room. Two antique trunks as coffee tables, one for each sofa, and a third trunk at one side. A XIX century lamp sits on a vintage metal stool. Toile fabric for the XVIII century armchairs.

Two slipcovered chaise lounge and XIX century leather ottoman on the other side of the living room. An iron framed antique mirror rests against the wall. Three kilims add warmth to the room.

A reading nook in the living room with a distressed desk, toile covered antique armchair.

A good example of how to make a room as big as this one warm and inviting. Area rugs have been used to delimit three zones: the living room, piano area and chaise lounge area. A zinc top for the console table behind the sofa. A terracota Han dynasty figurine and a stone base lamp adorn the console table.Three XVIII century Chinese trunks.

Open plan for the living room and dining room. On the console table there is a XIX century wooden trumeau, an English fruitbowl. In the dining room a picture by Luis Fernando Martín hangs beside a curved cupboard.

Spacious kitchen with an interesting contrast of industrialand rustic styles.

Auster lines for the breakfast table.

Double sinks and warm towels in the bathroom.

Hand painted headboard. A vertical heater has been embbeded between the closets.

Antique toile covered settee and a bright hand-woven rug in the master bedroom.

Liked the tour? Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. See you tomorrow!

All images from Nuevo Estilo.

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  1. I want that kitchen and that porch. Beautiful house.

  2. ho amato molto questa casa così calda ed accogliente...

  3. The kitchen and the living room are gorgeous.
    I need to thank you this morning! When looking through your post, I saw the vintage tea set and it reminded me that I have a whole collection of those in boxes in my garage...I inherited them from my grand mother's sister who was a really chic lady, very feminine. I always loved those but never really used them so a few years ago I stored them...but today, they are going out of the box...thanks to you!

  4. Thanks Pam, Myriam and annoncer for your comments. I'm so glad you are taking your vintage tea set out annoncer. I believe we should always use and enjoy our valuable things and not keep them for just a special occasion which might never come!


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