Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Nice to be back and a house in France.

Hi dears! Finally back from my holidays which were great! And I know they were great because I didn't miss blogging one bit. Ha, couldn't think that could happen! Thanks for all the comments left while I was away. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
So, let's kick off with this house in France which belongs to Liana Yaroslavsky a native Russian.

A white front hidden by the greenery

Surrounded by old trees and a garden of poppies and roses, this late ninteenth century French style house has a limestone facade.

A cozy lounge and bright

An unusual layout for the living room with the fireplace behind the sofa. I love fireplaces and like to look at them so I guess I would place the sofa right on the other side of the coffee table which is also quite out of the ordinary with a white chandelier displayed inside.

The dining mottled flea Saint-Ouen

A garden-style Bohemian

The terrace reminds me of a street in Paris with those cobbled stones.

The creation of Liana for her bathroom

Wood floorboards add warmth to the master bathroom.

A romantic room

Vintage hats are displayed atop white painted busts in Liana's bedroom.

The suite of furniture in the kitchen

In the kitchen an old dresser was converted into a practical sideboard. Liana says: "I find that homes must receive an outside fresh look, not from an interior decorator but rather from a fashion designer."

An interior walkway white wrought iron

This short walkway connects the kitchen to the children's bedroom.

A corridor along the light-filled bathroom

The hall that leads to the bathroom.

One bathroom with multiple influences

Gold patina antique bathtub and a vintage barber's chair in the bath area. Hey, doesn't the curtain rail look like an upside down coffee table frame?

A kitchen full of the charm of another time

Vintage and antique objects are seen throughout the house.

Photographer: Jean-Marc Palisse

All images from Cote Maison.

Glad to be back, see you tomorrow!

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  1. Just a couple of days ago I was wondering why I hadn't seen a post from you in awhile... I must have missed that you were going on vacation! So glad you had a wonderful time! What an interesting home. Again, so much beautiful white. Your blog is what helped me to agree to my husband's recent idea of changing the walls in our LR, DR and hallway from Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage to Swiss Coffee white. We just finished painting last week and I love it! It made me think of the homes on your blog... at least the walls. :-) Glad to have you back!

  2. Welcome back!! I thought maybe something had gone wrong with my blogger dashboard since I hadn't seen any posts for so long. I remembered (at last I thought! that you MIGHT be on a vacation! But it seemed so long ;-) ). Glad you are back---nice not to miss blogging--great times! I would like to use that bath tub!

  3. Thanks Jenny and Nannykim! Really glad to be back! Going straight over to visit you now!

  4. Hi Kifus! I am so glad you are back! I really missed your posts!!
    Oh and this French house is to die for!!!


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