Monday, 9 August 2010

Summer House in Malaga

Hope you all had a great weekend my friends! Mine was fine, full of sunshine and figuring out some math exercises with my son which we finally solved. It's always such a nice feeling to be able to solve math problems.

Surrounded by olive groves and radiant interiors, this spacious 18 century restored farmhouse is located near Archidona in Malaga.,I would call this home a happy house. All the splashes of bright colours make me want to run around an play all day. Anyway, that's what bright colours do to me. Most of the furniture has modern, simple lines. Lots of baskets, lanterns and colourful rugs and pillows. Let's run through.

Enjoyed today's tour? Come back for more tomorrow! Have a great day!

All images from here.

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  1. Hi Kifus,
    buongiorno, come và oggi ?
    Guardando queste tue foto, mi hai fatto ritornare con la mente quando vivevo a Losanna ( Svizzera )... avevo un letto quasi uguale a quello che hai esposto...
    Per un attimo mi hai fatto ritornare in dietro nel passato !
    Ciao-ooooo ;-))

  2. ooh, this home is just lovely! all of the rustic, antique furniture is so beautiful, and those kitchen cabinets are like nothing I've ever seen. I think my favorite room is the child's bedroom, though. I want a bed like that for my Millie!

  3. this house is the perfect ad for can have your house full of IKEA products yet it can look so unique like this one!

  4. Hi Kifus :-)
    tutte le nostre ferie le trascorriamo nella nostra casa di montagna ed Igor è sempre con noi !
    In questo momento sono sola nella casa di città, perchè ho ancora qualche cosa da fare quì nella mia fabbrica di scarpe :-)
    Silvano è già partito con Igor.
    Ciao Myriam

  5. Hi Kifus, hope you have been fine!
    Oh I like this post, this place is really amazing, so many great decorative details.
    I wouldn't change a thing here.
    TC, Anna


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