Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Renovated Farmhouse in Girona

Good morning dears. This renovated farmhouse is in Girona, a city northeast of Catalonia, in Spain. On a white background, details of tribal art, Chinese antiques or African rugs adorn every room.

Walls are made of stone. A rustic table, long wooden bench and wicker chairs make up a dining space in the porch.

Teak loungers by the pool.

White cotton upholstered sofas, antique Majorcan chairs, a Portuguese coffee table, an Indonesian chest, antique Chinese vases and a zebra skin rug make up the eclectic living room.

Concrete and pebble flooring in the library and kitchen for a rustic look. The table is antique French.

Austere dining room with simple lines. Metal chairs were slipcovered to add warmth.

Concrete and pebble flooring and a long stone countertop in the kitchen. Those simple light bulbs hanging above the table look nice but I wonder whether you have to shade your eyes while eating here.

Ethnic style in the master bedroom where the beams have been painted white. The rug is from Morocco.

Sitting area upstairs.

One end of the master bathroom

Claw foot bathtub and separate shower at the side.

On the terrace an antique iron table with simple folding chairs by an olive tree.

All images from Nuevo Estilo.

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  1. Dear Kifus,
    This house is heavenly!!! I love that bathroom! Gorgeous!
    Thank you so much for your nice comment today!!
    Big hug,

  2. What a gorgeous house. I love it all!

  3. Absolutely breath taking. It made me feel relaxed just looking through the pictures. Thanks for sharing. I think I will take another peek.

  4. My dream is to have a simple, little but well created house in the countryside one day and this post my friend encourages my dream! Wonderful house. I love the idea they used to put like an closet around the elements of the bathroom, great!

  5. That bed almost appears to be floating in air because of the way the drapes cover the legs! This is a very interesting house. I love the blue/green table setting and the contrast of it with the white chairs.

  6. I have to second the love for the blue/green table setting. Gorgeous house!


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