Saturday, 23 October 2010

Old Hunting Lodge in France

A beautiful Saturday here in Rio. Nice day to relax and take a tour of this 13th century hunting lodge typical of the region of Agen, in France.The structure was in very good condition with healthy walls made of local stone 80 cm thick. However, much had to be done to make it livable once again. Recycled beams and furniture, terracota flooring and plenty of stone for this rustic style home.

Original massive fireplace made of stone.

Stone counter top and backsplash.

Painted pillows on the wall serves as an unusual headboard in the master bedroom.

Hope your Saturday is beautiful too. See you tomorrow!
All images from here.

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  1. I think your blog is beautiful! I love seeing all the pictures from out of the country! I will definitely be back!

  2. Another beautiful home! I wonder what it would feel like to live in a home with such thick walls- would I feel more protected or a little closed in? I love the master bath with the shower and sink sharing adjoining walls. That's a great look to me. And that fireplace is breathtaking!
    Thanks for the visit! Have fun in Rio and Happy Sunday!


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