Thursday, 11 November 2010

Eclectic Home in Spain # 2

When this Spanish couple decided to live together, each brought their own furniture. His pieces were mostly made of wood and classic while she loved lots of colour and a more contemporary style. They seemed to have compromised and left nothing out in their urban home.

A sunburst mirror hangs above the small fireplace which is used to store books.

The potted plants in the covered porches give these rooms an outdoorsy feel.

An Indian carved coffee table sits on a Union Jack rug. How about decorating your coffee table with a stiletto shoe?

Theatre inspired vignette on the chest in the foyer.

Venetian masks, a stiletto shoe displayed in a box, and a red kettle add interest to this bookcase.

This halls leads to the kitchen and bedroom.

Lots of colourful items in the industrial style kitchen.

Glass top table surrounded by mismatched vintage chairs in the dining area.

The bathroom is quite classic and femenine with soft colours.

Mixture of textures and fabrics in the master bedroom. The shoe found its way to the bedroom.

Whimsy vignette on the chest of drawers.

Mismatched night tables flank their son's bed. Quixote safeguards his dreams.

If you'd like to see another eclectic home I posted some time ago just go here.
All images from here.

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1 comment:

  1. Lots of color, this is a funny house.
    No place for sadness, I like it.


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