Monday, 1 November 2010

French and Belgian Styles

A large country house serves as a showcase for the beautiful items on sale at Bruxelles Antiques, Andree Leblanc's shop. Antiques, reclaimed furniture and flea market finds in this in a lovely mixture of French and Belgian styles. Let's take a look.

All images from Bruxelles Antiques.

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  1. just loving these photos... and your blog... simply wonderful! xx pam

  2. How beautiful - what a fabulous way to "display" these gorgeous antiques for sale...

  3. Hi Kifus :)
    come è andata la festa di halloween ?
    Ti sei mascherata anche tu ?
    Questi stili mi sono molto familiari, perchè come ti ho già detto, mia madre era francese.
    La foto che mi è piaciuta di più, è stata la camera da letto... il tetto in legno fatto così, è veramente fantastico.
    Ciao Myriam :)

  4. Hi,
    I LOVE the style of this post.
    You must spend lots of time finding all those pictures. And to make sure all styles are present. I am really impressed.Congratulations!

  5. The outside of this house looks like the perfect setting for Halloween decor!

  6. You are right Linds! We could just add a RIP on each stone slab and we are done! Thanks all for your lovely comments! I do spend way too much time looking for pics to post, but I thoroughly enjoy it!

  7. I am impressed to see styles which is really wonder. I think that You have consumed more time for captured these photos. You will also need more time for surf this furniture as well.


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