Tuesday, 16 November 2010

White Summer House

I'm loving this house with its spacious rooms, soft palette of whites, creams and beige and an overall restful feel. Colour lovers you are allowed to abandon ship right now.
The rest, come with me and enjoy this tour!

You should dry your feet thoroughly before stepping onto the marble floor in the sitting area by the pool.

The infinity pool blends in with the garden.

A hemp rug, simple oak console, linen upholstered armchair and baskets for the spacious, light-filled entryway.

They moved the basket from under the console for this pic. Big metal lanterns escort you up the stairs. Well, at least up the first few steps.

Two wood top coffee tables were put together to make a big one.

Four steps lead to the dining room.

They seem to have carved a hole out of the rug to let the leg of the sofa in. I suppose the spiky leg would have torn through so it's not such a bad idea.

The French rustic dining table was left unpainted as the oak chairs that surround it.

Contemporary lines in the kitchen.

The cooking range is in the kitchen island.

Large windows bring the outside into the guest room.

Wish I could see the whole sign above the bed to read what it says. The only words I can make out are "beautiful things... sun... serene life". Anyway, a serene master bedroom with an inviting sitting area.

The master bedroom's sitting area.

Hope you enjoyed this tour and hope to see you tomorrow. It's night time here so... sweet dreams!

All images from here.

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  1. Well, I am not for all the white , but I surely could use some of that white furniture. My place is just to chaotic looking!!


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