Friday, 15 April 2011

Two Bright Apartments In Sweden

Good morning, dears. Lovely Friday, isn't it. Here it's sunny and bright, just like these apartments in Linnestad, Sweden. Spacious and white with pops of colour. Let's take the tours!

Lovely large balcony to the south!

Welcoming hall with upholstered niche

The whole apartment has dark walnut floors

From the hall you can see into the living room

This apartment is perfect for dining

Next door is the kitchen with exit to the balcony

A cozy living room next to the dining area

Lovely dining area next to the window

Open social plan & generous ceiling height

Airy bedroom with tall windows for best light

Beautiful double doors & deep window

Dark walnut floors & preserved heirloom details
Upto here, the first apartment.

And this is the second apartment I'd like to show you.

Welcome on display at Nordenskiöldsgatan 22

Inner hall with good storage

A beautiful second in attractive Linnaeus Location

Great volume, high ceilings and double windows

A nice place for loved ones

Attractive, practical floor plan

Beautiful woodwork, skirting boards and mirror doors

Good work surfaces and storage

Fine dining with courtyard views

Clear view, provides good natural light

Spacious tiled bathroom with shower

White and blue, classic colors

Peaceful bedrooms with stucco

Good storage facilities

Welcome to a lovely turn of the century apartment

With the exit to the balcony in straight south

Sommarbild taken from another apartment in the house

All images, while they last, from

By the way, I have enabled the word verification for comments, and for posts older than 7 days I'll have to look at the comment first to verify it's not spam. Mr. Viagra Online has been pestering me lately and I have to put a stop to it. Although he's about the only one who leaves comments so I might change my mind about this! Ah, well...

Have a splendid weekend my friends! Hope to see you here tomorrow!

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  1. ha--so funny about the Viagra comments!!

  2. The second apartment with the wooden floors is my favorite and your comment about Viagra is really fun, made me laugh.
    Lovely post.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. ya elegí mi regalo de cumple... uno de esos flats!! jaja te amo linda

  4. Ohhhh i love them as always! Fuese are soooo pretty. I thought the chair as a nightstand was very interesting though probably not very functional for a packrat such as myself.
    I'm buying an apartment soon! I think I will definitely use this post as inspiration!

    Much love, friend.

  5. I'm typing on an iPod so I have that dumb autocorrect. Sorry it was supposed to be "these" not "fuese". ...what do you mean these images while they last?

  6. Hi Gabi, these images belong to a real estate site. Once they've sold the property they take the photographs down. That is why I say they sometimes don't last long.

    Ohh, lucky you that you are buying an apartment! So glad you can get inspiration from these pics!

  7. I love the first apartment. It's wonderful.
    Thanks for all the wonderful places you show us!
    Have a nice day!

  8. Hope you were just experiencing a low point when you suggested that you do not receive enough comments. This website is such a gift. It is both inspiring and uplifting. At times a place of renewal and new beginnings.

    May your days be filled with beauty.


  9. Thank you so much anonymous J for your lovely words. They are truly encouraging and made my day!


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