Friday, 29 April 2011

French Antiques and Flea Market Finds

This house, located in a small village only an hour away from the centre of Paris, used to be a barn and was restored and transformed by Monique, owner of Pigwidgeon, a decorating company. She lives here with her husband and two sons. Every room is brimming with beautiful 18th century antiques and flea market finds. French an whimsical through and through.

Salon d'une maison pleine d'idées déco impertinentes

Buste en terre cuite et fenêtre chinée
The bust is of the Comtesse du Bary.

Consoles en bois sculpté

Escalier et jardin d'intérieur

Vitrine anglaise repatinée

Paravent de charme

Bureau d'une masin pleine d'idées déco impertinentes

Cuisine de la maison pleine d'idées déco impertinentes

Pôele de la cuisine

Salle à manger d'une maison plein d'idées déco impertinentes

Salon ambiance coquette

Salle de bains d'une maison aux idées déco impertinentes

Chambre cocon d'une maison pleine d'idée déco impertinentes

Chambre effet vieilli

Chambre d'une maison pleine d'idées déco impertinentes

All images from here.

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  1. Everything beautiful here! :-)
    A big kiss..

  2. This is a wonderful amazing home!! Oh I would love to live in an interior as this one!

  3. Interesting, quite lovely in some cases. In others a bit too cluttered. Yet at the same time, certainly a wonderful example of a place for everything and everything in it's place.

    Thanks to you as usual, for great visuals.

  4. This house breathes history. Each photo has so many details and decorations. Each time I watch each photo I discover new finds! Great, a real paradise!

  5. so beautiful.
    I can not wait to be in Europe . 2 more months


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