Wednesday, 8 June 2011

French Style in Catalonia

Hard to believe this farmhouse is not in France. Located south of Catalonia, Spain, the owners had it built to resemble the local architecture yet it radiates French country charm.






Salle à manger


Meuble de couloir

Chambre romantique

Chambre double

Salle de bain

Photos by Montse Garriga/RBA
All images from here.

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  1. Hi my dear Kifus :-)
    this is a dreamy country home!"!
    Those flowers are from my mother garden just next to me (and sometimes some of them desappear to take place in my house!) :-D
    Big kiss

  2. Hi Kifus ,
    and thanks for finding yet one more beautiful home for us to enjoy : )

    There are many things to appriciate
    about this house ;rustic walls, a good balance of neautral and bright colours , (not to mention the romantic wall scones in the bathroom )
    I think that the dining room however could do with a bit more adventure to it - it's bit to plain for my taste. I also find that the wall light in pink room is too small on it´s own for such a big wall- it needs something more .

    (And maybe a little bigger chandalier between the beds ? Still VERY beautiful and charming.
    Anyhow, I am thankful to all the people who
    share their homes in this way - I love it ! Greetings from the cold country in the north ,AD

  3. Absolutely stunning!!! I love it all!


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