Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Restored Home in Sicily

We've been living in Lima, Peru for three months now and last night we had our first earthquake. I guess I shouldn't call it an earthquake as it was only a slight tremor that only lasted about 2 seconds, and it felt as is a heavy bus was rumbling by in our garden. Not frightening at all, as we had been warned about these tremors which are quite frequent here, but new to me!

Haven't taken you to Italy in a long time, have I? Well, here we go then to Sicily. Italian architect James Cavagnari and his American wife, interior designer Erin Quiros, renovated a residence dating back to 1700 on the Aeolian island of Salina. A combination of modern, rustic and minimalist styles.

The couple with their daughter Evelyn.

Photography by Scott Frances
All images from Architectural Digest.

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  1. Hi, Kifus!
    Love every single detail of this house, specially that Moroccan rug, I'll probably buy one someday.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Oops, I just stealed your images, sorry!
    You take care with Peru earthquakes.
    Big hugs

  2. Oh my, this looks fantastic! You have a wonderful blog! :)Ada


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