Saturday, 24 September 2011

Most Beautiful House 2011 Finalist

This Swiss home in Blaker, is the fifth and last finalist in Bolig magazine contest Most Beautiful House 2011. Built in 1877, it was restored by the owner's granddaughter, Tone.

Old Swiss house

His sister joined them in

Bright rooms

Have cleaned up for years

Handmade kitchen drawers

Painted in the night

Will never finished decorating

Memories of grandfather's time

Latest finalist in the most beautiful homes
I know this is a copy of the second photograph but I just wanted you to meet Tone.
I will surely be posting the other 4 finalist's homes.

Hope you are having a beautiful Saturday!

All images from here.

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  1. It's beautiful & very fresh. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for the lovely photos. We are currently renovating a mountain cabin and I love the wonderful ideas!

  3. This is for sure a great finalist, a wonderful white palace! Very nice!

  4. oh I want this house!


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