Monday 24 May 2010

White on White Summer House

Hello dears! After a seven hour delay at Rio's airport we finally arrived in Paris yesterday afternoon. So, yay! Here I am in Paris, in Spring with my daughter and hubby, I am so happy!

I have a while before we go out so there's time enough to show you this lovely summer house. A feast to us white lovers, but to those who are not too keen on white bear with me because they are truly wonderful.
Blooms in the perennial garden peek through a white picket fence along the side and back of the 100-year-old shingled house.
A graceful arch frames the view of the sitting room as seen from the entry. A pair of new, extra-comfy lounge chairs focus on the fireplace studded with shore stones.
At the far end of the living room, this atmospheric bay window is fitted with built-in seats and furnished with a table and chairs used primarily for game-playing.
White on white and very pale blues. I guess I'd have to have everything slip-covered before I let my family walk into this room!
Open to the dining room, the kitchen looks larger than it really is. A peninsula is used for both prep work and serving snacks

With its ocean views, the kitchen eating area provides the utmost in waterfront dining. An old ship lantern is now a chandelier.
The girls’ bathroom continues the yellow and white of the bedroom. Built-in ledges hold toiletries.

Sunny and cheerful, this is the girls’ bedroom. Spindle beds were found at a flea market; all other furnishings came with the house.

Traditional Home.

I'd like to thank all of you who left your kind comments yesterday. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

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Saturday 22 May 2010


Good morning to everyone. I'm off to Paris in a couple of hours! Hubby and I will be visiting our daughter who is studying and living there. Sorry I won't be posting today as I still have a some things to do.

While I was packing I remembered an article in the New York Times featuring a flight attendant who demonstrated how to pack enough for a 10-day trip into a single standard carry-on. For those of us who don't like waiting for luggage at the carousel this is definitely a must read! Get these packing secrets right here.

I will try to post every day as usual while I'm away but if I can't make it I apologize and hope you understand.

Thanks to all of you!

Paris... here I come!

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Friday 21 May 2010

Restored House in Madrid

Good morning dear readers. The house we're visiting today is located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Madrid. Bought and restored by architect Fernando Yankelevich and decorated by interior designer Silvia Caballero. Formerly a three level multiple family building, they turned it into their home. The ground floor is now used as their office and both upper levels are their living spaces. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all on the first floor and the bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and small hall on the second floor.
Furnished in antiques and items found on their many trips, they have created a warm and inviting home. N'est-ce pas? (Tomorrow I'm flying to Paris so I'm getting ready!)

The coffee table in the living room was purchased in Marrakesh.

I love the way the bare brick wall looks here.

Love this rustic stairway. I know exposed pipes are convenient but I would rather hide them.

The headboard here is actually two headboards put together.

Nice and tidy closet with those baskets.

A simple bathroom. I like the idea of hanging the hand towels right where you need them.
Hope you enjoyed this tour.
Happy Friday to you my friends!

All images from MiCasaRevista.

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Thursday 20 May 2010

Interior Designer Susan Marinello's Home

Hello dears! I'd like to introduce you to Susan Marinello's work. She used to be a fashion model (isn't she gorgeous?) but now she's an award-winning interior designer in her hometown near Seattle. This is her 1940s house on Mercer Island. So elegant, bright and neat. A cool gray-and-white color scheme soothes, while warm gold, chocolate brown, and mossy green accents add warmth. Come and take the tour!
The wood-burning fireplace was updated with a new surround made from concrete finished to resemble stone.
Open plan for the kitchen, dining room and seating area.
A large vintage photo of New York City printed on linen hangs in a hall just outside the dining room. French doors on the opposite wall open to a terrace.

Architects: Lyle and Meredith Grant

Photographs by John Granen

All images and information from Traditional Home.

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Wednesday 19 May 2010

French Inspired Beach Home

I have seen some of these photographs around but not the house they belong to. I found them all together and think they are well worth showing in a single post. Interior designer Betty Burgess and architect Richard Barrett teamed up to give this Pebble Beach home its French feel. For the overall palette, Burgess chose grey, pairing it with taupe, white and black accents.

Rustic scheme for this part of the kitchen with a tailor made glass front cabinet and limestone flooring.

Flax-linen sofa, wool on 19th-c. stools, ottoman in suede and an antique barometer on wall. Beautiful herringbone floor.

French chairs in suede. Intaglios, 19th c. velvet on bench. Venetian chandelier and French lamps, all antiques.

Leather chairs. Door hides TV above the French mantel. I wonder if the TV isn't harmed by the fire. The flooring is antique limestone.

French 19th century table.

Gilded bronze table. Ultrasuede was used for curtains, upholstered walls, custom bed and bedskirt.

In master bathroom, Carrara bianco statuario marble walls, countertop and floor. Floating cabinet adds a modern touch.

Minimalist modern style — inspired by the Hôtel Le Bristol in Paris.

The ocean view from this Pebble Beach residence.

All images and information from Veranda.

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Shabby Chic Style Cottage

It's easy to add all the colour you long for and still look great when the background is neutral. All the items you love simply pop out while the neutrals of the walls and floors hold everything harmoniously together. This home is full of flea market and garage sale finds. I wonder if you like this style. Come and see.

sofa straight on
Wicker sofa and rustic and beach-theme accessories. I love the pillows and rug and the enamel painted pot for flowers.

sofa and pillows vignette
Close-up, the coffee table was made with salvaged wood.

flowers detail
Close up of the peonies. I'm sure blogger friend Jami would love them.

green sofa and red chest
Traditional furniture mix with painted pieces, granny's foot stool and the old door leaning against the wall is an unusual way to balance off the decor.

dining area
Metal chairs around a distressed harp-style table entered the scene. The window frame matches the door against the wall of the previous photograph.

flowers and tea cup on table
Ccolorful accessories in every room.

dishes in green shelf
Family pieces including the little-girl tea set on the top shelf mix with the homeowner's collection of red-and-white transferware.


plants with one birdhouse

deck with red chair
This old bicycle serves as a flower pot holder.

All images from Better Homes & Gardens.

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Tuesday 18 May 2010

Chateau Dior

Not much information about this magnificent residence. Beside location it just said "download pdf.". Well I did as I was told and downloaded pdf. but found no information there. Ah well, as it's a chateau, let's place it somewhere in the south of France, let's say in Provence, why not?

This Chateau Dior is a dream. Its beautiful gardens, the ivy creeping on the stone walls, the pool with coloured fish. It even has a detached chapel. As much as I love the outside and the building itself, and all the antique furniture, I am not so keen on the decor. Especially the bathroom and bedrooms. Well dears, just see for yourselves and let me know what you think.


















All images and more images right here.

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