Wednesday 30 December 2009

Photographer Rachel Whiting

Getting all ready for New Year's celebrations? Can you believe this year is nearly over? I can't, you can't, nobody can! Well maybe just the little ones can. I remember when I thought the year 2000 would never come and we used to say something like: yeah, you'll manage to do that when pigs fly or in 2000, as if this would never come. Here in Argentina when we think something will never happen we say it will "en el año verde" (the green year) which of course does not exist. My goodness who invented that!

As you may have noticed I'm posting every other day instead of every day. I'm on holidays and I seem to have so much more to do than when I'm at home. Anyway, today I'd like you to meet London based freelance photographer Rachel Whiting who specializes in interiors and still-life. Her work has been featured in Country Living, Homes & Antiques and Country Style.
I love the simplicity of her images. She manages to balance and combine shapes and colours to create these enchanting photographs.

Come and enjoy with me!

For more photographs visit her portfolio.

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Monday 28 December 2009

Summer House in Spain

Hello my dear readers. I'm so delighted that Inspiring Interiors was listed on Desire to Inspire! They put together a number of blogs they recommend. I really am honoured! You should go there and have a look at the other blogs listed, there are lots of excellent blogs around and you shouldn't miss them!

Today takes us to an inviting summer house in Costa Brava, a coastal region of northeastern Catalonia in Spain.

A simple but charming summer house. Soft colour palette of blues, yellows and whites makes the rooms relaxing and breezy. Easy to clean tiles flooring, ideal for summer. The view is fantastic and I certainly wouldn't mind spending my holidays here!

All images from here.

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Saturday 26 December 2009

Interior Designer John D. Oetgen

Hello dear readers, hope you had a joyful Christmas!

As I write this I'm sitting in my front porch looking out to the garden on this beautiful rainy Saturday here in Buenos Aires. Everything is perfect except that I've just been stung by a wasp and it's a bit painful. I had to tell you because everyone else in the house is sleeping right now and I have no one to complain to. Good thing I'm not allergic. And since I'm still writing I guess it's not that bad.

Anyway, today I'd like to introduce you to the extremely talented interior designer John D. Oetgen.

He was named one of the 100 most influential designers in America by House Beautiful in their November 1995 100th anniversary issue and has remained on their top 100 list each succeeding year. His work has been featured in many national and regional publications, including House & Garden, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Better Homes & Gardens, Interior Design, Southern Accents, Veranda, Atlanta, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, and Esquire.

Elegance and style, he certainly knows his colours and combines them to make unique rooms.

You can find more photographs of his work right here.

I'll be back on Monday. Have a lovely weekend!

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Friday 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!


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Tuesday 22 December 2009

Luxury Mediterranean Cliffside Villa

Hello everyone! I started my holidays on Friday, I'm back in Argentina till the end of January. I'll do my best to keep posting every day.

I came across this house at a site called Adelto which is dedicated to luxury residences. The pictures and following information are from this site.

Working within the constraints of an existing towerlike structure situated on a steep site overlooking the Mediterranean, architect Norman Foster created a seven-level, 6,500-square-foot modernist villa. In the living area, an 18-ton angled retractable glass wall and sun louvers “allow the inside and the outside to dissolve into one,” he says.

The street-level access opens to the pool terrace on the roof of the house. A glass staircase, at left, leads to the studio entrance below. On one of the original tower walls, a staircase with stone treads, stainless-steel railings and steel cables zigzags from the studio entrance down. Transparent glass balustrades “relate to the vistas: They’re parallel to the coast,” Foster says.

“The principal areas encompass five levels, with related living, dining and library spaces.” A glass elevator connects these levels to the bedrooms below and to the roof and pool terrace. The dining level is elevated above the living level and main terrace for clear, uninterrupted views out to sea,” notes Foster.

“The house appears to hang suspended in space, hovering,” Foster says. “From the living level or the dining level, it has been described as a cross between the deck of a ship and a helicopter.” With the glass wall closed, he adds, “it’s an exotic winter garden.” Silver anodized-aluminum storage units in the dining area display a collection of traditional hammered pweterware.

Dynamic steel arches that swoop over the pool terrace and down the hillside are gridded with the network of cables that “support sails for shade and privacy as well as encourage the growth of greenery,” Foster explains. “The materials, colors and detailing evoke a nautical feel.” Eventually, the house will be partially covered by vines, blending the structure into its rugged surroundings.

Luxury Mediterranean Cliffside Villa

Luxury Mediterranean Cliffside Villa

Luxury Mediterranean Cliffside Villa

Luxury Mediterranean Cliffside Villa

I'd love to know what you think about this house. Would you choose to live here?

You can find more luxury properties at Adelto right here

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Monday 21 December 2009

Interior Designer and Stylist Nan Whitney

Hope you had a lovely weekend!
Monday brings us NY stylist Nan Whitney. His Her work has been featured in lots of magazines such as
Country Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Calico Corners and Pottery Barn.

I selected these photographs for you to enjoy from his her portfolio.

I'd like to thank Jan Jessup for her enlightening comment!

I've always wondered whether curtains like these in an open porch are a good idea. I mean, they look great and all but how do you keep them dry and clean when it rains? I know they're under a roof but just a little wind when it rains and they'll end up soaking wet. I don't think they run to take them down every time the sky clouds over. Maybe they're just waterproof.

interior design and styling by Nan Whitney

Such an organized entryway. Labels under the baskets makes it easy to put everything in the right place.

Seems like it's clouding over. Better get those curtains down!
More photographs right here.

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Saturday 19 December 2009

Interior Designer Kathryn Scott: A Brooklyn Town House

Good morning, hope you are having a lovely Saturday. And if your house is in a mess, don't worry. Come and daydream of a nice tidy house in New York.
Interior designer Kathryn Scott used a mixture of French and minimalist styles for this town house in Brooklyn. Architect Claude Puaux created the front façade.

The 2005 pseudo-calligraphic work is by Wenda Gu. The table was custom-made out of a large slab of wood. I like the way the benches follow the curve of the table.

Simple, clean cut lines.

Dark wood paneling, inset with bands of encaustic wallcovering, gives the den a clubby feel. When I first saw this room I didn't realize it was in the basement!

Photography by Bruce Buck
From Architectural Digest

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