Tuesday 18 May 2010

Chateau Dior

Not much information about this magnificent residence. Beside location it just said "download pdf.". Well I did as I was told and downloaded pdf. but found no information there. Ah well, as it's a chateau, let's place it somewhere in the south of France, let's say in Provence, why not?

This Chateau Dior is a dream. Its beautiful gardens, the ivy creeping on the stone walls, the pool with coloured fish. It even has a detached chapel. As much as I love the outside and the building itself, and all the antique furniture, I am not so keen on the decor. Especially the bathroom and bedrooms. Well dears, just see for yourselves and let me know what you think.


















All images and more images right here.

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  1. I wonder what happens in this house on winter.... its too big!!! How do you warm up all the place?

    I prefeer something a bit less bigger. But... if you have a big family :P

    XOXO (yo-yo)

  2. Well if you have enough money to buy this house I guess you can afford good heating! I was missing your comments Ironman, thanks for stopping by yo-yo!

  3. Bhe,
    tutti noi del " popolo " immaginavamo una " casa " di questo genere per mister Dior !!

  4. Love the grounds! Agree with you about the decor!

  5. You are right Gabi, the images are gone. Unfortunately the original site has taken them down so they stop to appear here. A real pity!


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