Tuesday 31 August 2010

Renovated Basque Villa

This house in Guipúzcoa, a province in the Basque Country in Spain, was decorated by Iñaqui Mujika. I love the contrast between the dark grey walls and the white woodwork throughout the house. Elegant but not at all stuffy as some wood and wicker furniture and seagrass rugs were used in some rooms which soften and add warmth to the look.

Beautiful patterned tiles in the porch.

Rustic chairs made with logs.

Grey and white striped wallpaper in the foyer.

Mix of modern and antique furniture.

A wall with windows separates the living room from the dining room.

Rustic table and charis contrast with the modern lines of the kitchen. The doors of the island have benn painted black.

A change to all the grey with light blue and white striped wallpaper.

Nautical feel in the bathroom.

Full length mirror leaning against one of the walls of the light filled dresser.

All images from here.

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  1. It is nice, but not enough personality for me. Seems a little washed out in feeling. There is nothing that grabs me. Initially I felt that it was very peaceful. But too many rooms done so similar seems boring to me. However, my house could surely use some of that calmer, serene type feeling. I do like how everything goes so well with each other unlike some of my clutter!

  2. Hi Nannykim, thanks for your comment on this house. I understand everything you say. Most of these houses seem as if nobody lives in them: no personal photos, not a pin out of place, one can hardly relate to them... as if they had no soul. But well, one can still get some useful ideas to copy. And I think I'd have to throw out half of my stuff to get everything to match!

    Always love to hear from you Nannykim!

  3. Hi Kifus! I missed you! And I've been off for a month myself- checked every day for your posts~glad you're back!
    Who knows when I will post my own...so involved right now- I have 3 daughters pregnant and in 6 weeks the first of those will be born!
    Plus it's election season and I'm committed there as well and a play at church and college football and apples to can and..and...and...! I'm sure your list is as crazy as mine!
    This house has great structural design- the windows, the ceilings.
    However, we are striped to death! (In my very uneducated opinion..) In the entry you have wallpaper stripes, the stripes on the ceiling, the "stripes" of the stairs and posts, the stripes in the rug and wood floor, the beams, the wainscot and the windows. That's a lot! I think the wallpaper was excessive with all the other lines in the room. Having said that, I love the house! The feeling is lovely and I'd love to be a guest there. The tile floor is delicious, really! I'm trying to picture it here at my home!
    Overall, it's a nice feeling, but too many lines...
    Thanks for the visit! I'll try to have my own soon!

  4. Hi Lisa! Missed you too hon! Going right over to your blog!


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