Saturday 4 December 2010

Restoring a Period Home

Following in the footsteps of her renovating family, Maria Bradburn and her husband Wayne have restored this 1900s house located in Wolverhampton, England. The builder designed six very different houses around the turn of the century, using this one – his own – as an experiment for all the various features he wished to include in the others. Unlike its neighbours, which are more restrained, this property has numerous decorative Edwardian and Victorian influences: elaborate tiling in the hallway; intricate carvings and mouldings; leaded lights; a panelled ceiling and a most unusual copper fireplace in the back sitting room.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
All images from here.

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  1. These classic English homes are a welcome object to restore, the homes have a classy flair and invite to be redecorated with this type of furniture and decorations, wonderful! They did a good job here!

  2. I love Country English style, it's sp warm and inviting.
    Fabulous post.
    Have a warm and cozy weekend.

  3. They were interesting but the pics seemed too cropped to get the true flavor of each setting. Great fireplaces. Am partial to anything copper and with heart motifs.

  4. Love the dental crown molding.

  5. me encantó! muy lindo el vitral ese, queremos uno!!


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