Friday 25 February 2011

Country House in Spain

What a lovely Friday, isn't it? Get ready to enjoy a dreamy house with stunning views in Spain. I love everything about it, the mix of French and English furniture, the rustic outside, the sturdy beams and solid front door, and of course the soft palette in every room.
Come enjoy with me!

A very happy weekend to all of you, my dears! Hope to see you here tomorrow!

All images from here.

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  1. Oh Kifus, from the open front doors to the warm, neutral palette, I feel so welcome...absolutely gorgeous!! Have a great weekend ~

  2. I have only recently discovered your blog and I so enjoy it. I share your aesthetic - love the pale no-colour rooms, faded soft ease, appreciation of the worn surfaces and the whimsical touches.
    Keep them coming - I am a very busy person and it's wonderful to escape to one of your blogs for a few relaxing minutes each day.
    many thanks


  3. Breath taking. Thank you for sharing this. laurie

  4. Thanks all for your comments!
    Eliot, I'm so glad you like the homes I choose to post, your words are very kind and encouraging and completely made my day!
    Thanks again,



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