Monday 25 April 2011

White House in Spain

Hello, dears! Happy Belated Easter to all of you!

I did not post these last four days because I wasn't feeling quite well after my fall last Thursday. I'm much better now and I'd like to thank you for your warm comments. (I promise I'll wear a helmet next time I get on a skateboard!)

So, back to posting it is and I'm taking you to visit a renovated house located a mere 15 kilometres from Madrid. This dreamy house was decorated by Spanish interior designers Lola and Candy Mediavilla. Mostly white and sand colours, with touches of black which give it a more masculine look.

All images from here.

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  1. I'm really glad that you are ok. I started worrying when there were no posts:) Take care

  2. Me, too!!!! I was checking more than twice a day over the weekend to see if you'd posted. Whew!Definitely wear a helmet! I know, I know, I should be posting as well. It's almost been a year! But the wedding is in 2 1/2 weeks, the 2 babies are 6 months old and the twins are 3 months old. So life should be calming down a little after the wedding~ Have a great week!

  3. Thank God you're ok now, please, take care.
    This house is fabulous, so cozy and light.
    Love the kitchen doors, the stairs and the bathroom.
    Congratulations on all your posts, always excellent taste.

  4. So serene and calm atmosphere, I love the bathroom with that open space and view into the garden! Very nice home!


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