Friday 17 June 2011

Photographer James McDonald

So, here's the post I promised earlier today. And the gorgeous bathroom we saw in my previous post was expertly photographed by James Mcdonald.

I have chosen a few more photographs from his portfolio for you to see. James is a British, London-based freelance photographer who focuses on interiors, portraiture, travel and still life photography.

World of Interiors October 2009 Alnwick

South African house

London house

Knightsbridge drawing room

House & Garden April 2010 drawing room

Ditchley Park

World of Interiors Kensington Mansions

Bathroom in Chelsea

House & Garden April 2010 bathroom
Couldn't resist including the bathroom again!

House & Garden April 2010 bed

A beautiful weekend to you, my friends! Come back tomorrow!
All images from James McDonald's portfolio right here.

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