Tuesday 24 January 2012

So Nice to See You Again! And a Guesthouse in France

Hello once again, dear readers! Thanks so much for all your comments while I was away. I promise I will shortly be visiting you! I had a superb, lengthy, awesome holiday at home, Argentina, together with my eight kids. Thanks for asking!

And a very warm welcome to my new followers. Hope to see you around every day!

Back to our home tours, then! Maison-Travaux takes us to visit La Bergerie de Fontbonne, a guesthouse in France built against a hill, at the bottom of a valley. The period of construction is difficult to date as traditional building techniques have remained unchanged through the decades and even centuries. None of these buildings have foundations, but all are based on a double wall buried 25 cm deep. Architect Emmanuelle Stevenoot was in charge of renovating these four ancient barns which cover a floor area of 265 square metres. As the buildings stand on different heights, steps were used to connect one with another.

If you'd like to visit La Bergerie de Fontbonne's website just click here.

Photography by Antonio Duarte
All images from Maison-Travaux

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  1. I missed you!
    Lovely place, of course. I love the stonework, and the kitchen sink...

  2. This place is amazing. I'm totally obsessed with the kitchen sink and the gorgeous stone!!

  3. Hej hej,
    Nice to have you back, I missed your blogging.

  4. Welcome back dahhling! Great post...rustic & yet so glam!

  5. Yay!You're back!! I checked yesterday morning and thought THAT'S LONG ENOUGH!! Come HOME!! Glad you had a nice visit. My brother, his wife and son posted such gorgeous pictures of Argentina. They loved their visit. My brother is a serious foodie and loved all the Argentine food. This is a gorgeous home! I sometimes wonder how people do in some of these homes. As amazing as they are, how liveable are they? Have a great day and SEE YOU SOON!!! Happy!

    1. Yay, Lisa! Nice to see you around, ha, yes a long break and I wish it was longer! I agree with your brother, Argentine food is truly delicious, hard not to come back with a couple more kilos.

      I guess they have an army of people cleaning the place every day!


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