Friday, 15 June 2012

Gustavian Style in Sweden

Good morning, my friends! My husband and I are leaving for the USA tonight. I'll be away until next Sunday. I don't think I'll be able to post during my trip. I promise I will try.

This house in northern Sweden, built 150 years ago had been empty for almost 40 years because 15 cousins could not agree what to do with it. Fortunately they finally sold it and this is what it looks like now.
Photography Marcus Wislson Smith
I will miss you, my friends. I need to know that you will miss me a little bit, too.♥
~ Kifus ~

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  1. Yes, will miss your daily posts! This message comes all the way from Singapore...have a great time in USA!

  2. Swooning!!! Have a great trip!

  3. Kifus,
    Safe travels and we'll look forward to your return. This house is so simple and pretty...I love all the blue and white accent pieces. Very nice.

  4. Lovely house, so simple yet it has a touch of sophistication, subtle and gentle. I love the stove, among other pieces in the house that I love looking at.
    Enjoy your sojourn, safe travels!

  5. Lovely house, I am amazed it was empty for 40 years. Have a safe trip and I look forward to your next post.

  6. 40 years? how sad, but loved once again

    miss you? YES! enjoy your travels

  7. Kifus, I could live there....absolutely lovely. I love Gustavian interiors, I call it elegant simplicity - the soft blues and white and painted old furniture.

    We shall miss you but do enjoy your travel - you deserve a rejuvenating break now and again!

    Best wishes

    Jenny M
    London, UK

  8. Hope you have a lovely holiday Kifus, relax and don't worry about the blog, your readers will still be here and looking forward to that next wonderful home you will post. That house is gorgeous, the Scandinavians always seem to have lovely bright homes. I often wonder how they feel in the wintertime as white can be quite cold at times but I guess they have central heating over there which still makes the place cosy in winter.

    Lee ☺

  9. Have a lovely holiday! Of course I will miss you!

    Be safe and sound!

  10. I love your blog~I will be following you now. I just found you through facebook~enjoy your trip to the states and I will look through old posts here...

  11. Of course we will miss you!!!! have a lovely holiday - you deserve a nice break! this is a stunner of a house - love it. Cosy and welcoming - my kind of home!


  12. Sure, I will miss you! Have a nice trip and come back to us soon! :)

  13. Have a great and nice holiday dear Kifus!! We sure miss you a lot!

    I love this home and the cheerful color accents and the blue color that appears in each detail and room, lovely!

  14. Kifus -
    I just came home from Sweden. So, reading this lovely Swedish Gustavian style post is keeping the trip fresh in my head. Have a wonderful trip, and of course, I will miss you.

  15. Your blog is exquisite. I could lose myself here for hours. And will!


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