Monday, 1 October 2012

Warm Colours in Spain

Hope you all had a great weekend, my friends! Anyone's birthday today? It is very likely that one of you visiting today is celebrating their birthday. So today's post is my present to you. Good thing we can all enjoy your present! Ah well, it is such a lovely day, hope you are enjoying a lovely one too. 
On to our tour then. Architect Lluis Auquer was appointed to redesign and restore this home which used to be a barn and was nearly in ruins. It is located in the Catalan region of Lower Empordà, in Spain.

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  1. Am loving the colors in this home. And all that stone, so beautiful. Thanks, Kifus!

    xoxo Sabrina

  2. Ah, Kifus, I do love this house, it's gorgeous.
    The stone walls, the beams, that rug in the living and the outdoor pictures are absolutely fabulous.
    Have a nice day., my friend.

  3. Kifus,
    Wow, what a pretty setting. It's funny, but the plants in the planters on the patio and swimming pool all look like something you might find in Southern California. The old stone building is where we'd loose ground, although there is a very pricey gated neighborhood nearby that has many homes that have been faced with stone. The home turned out so well, I imagine it would be a challenge turning a barn into a comfortable living quarters.

  4. What a pretty place, so full of the joys of Summer. It's early Spring here in New Zealand and this post has inspired me to pick some flowers from my mums garden and fill my house with them. It's my sons birthday today he will be 30 and he and some of his friends are coming over for dinner tonight...I pray the sun keeps shining and it's not too chilly so we can spill out onto our deck this evening.

    I have a friend who has just bought a place in Spain (he is a tango instructor), he plans to convert it to a holiday place where you can go and dance Tango and have guided tours of the area by himself. He was brought up in Spain and speaks fluent Spanish, Dutch and English.

    As always a lovely place you shared and it has certainly brightened my morning.

    Lee :)

  5. i always enjoy your blogs, all the wonderful pics of these European homes and so on.....i seems all the kitchens have very little storage in the form of cabinets, of which is fine. This is my kitchen design as well, since i am European. However, i do have a very large butlers pantry where i keep all my groceries, my endless sets of dishes, glasses, silverware etc....and the overflow
    of fridge and freezer....the actual kitchen itself is for shelving this and that, more like decor things....what is up with these kitchens?


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