Thursday, 15 October 2009

House Tour: Stylish House in the Suburbs

This house is located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soft pastel colours and lots of light give this home a clean and inviting look.

Hey! Take your shoes off the table!

Mmmm that chaise lounge sure looks inviting!

Images from EspacioLiving. If you'd like to see some more pics just go here.

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  1. Very nice blog
    Agapitos Greece

  2. Yes, I'm from Poland ;D thanks for comment on my blog ;D (my English isn't good, but I don't use a translator ;D )

  3. great ideas for my new house in greece! thank you.

  4. Hey Niki! How lovely a house in Greece! You should take some pics for me to post here!! Glad you liked this post.



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