Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Interior Designer Jessica Helgerson

Located in Portland, Oregon, Jessica Helgerson is known for her green interior design and her strong commitment to the environment. . She uses a simple palette of natural materials including reclaimed and sustainably harvested wood, bamboo, natural fiber floor-coverings, pigmented plasters, antique and vintage furniture and textiles, organic cotton and hemp fabrics. Her knowledge of design really shines in all the details.

House Beautiful magazine named her "One of the top 25 young designers in America."
There are lots of residences in here extensive portfolio. I chose the Butterfly Lane Residence which I believe is the loveliest one. The owners wanted a "Swedish Cottage by the sea", so the mandatory light colour palette of pale yellows, blues and white was used.

Let's go to the pics.

Elegant and welcoming living room with a modern touch in the artwork over the fireplace.

The floors are wide-plank hickory

A vintage 50's range with red knobs in the kitchen.

The simple white bathroom with a plexi ghost chair which adds a jovial touch.

A fireplace and a chaise lounge make this spacious bedroom warm and inviting.

Browse through Jessica Helgerson's portfolio right here.

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  1. You do find "inspiring" interiors and exteriors, I LOve looking through your blog, thanks!

  2. Thanks you for your comments Shawn and Ermosa! It's a lot of work but I really enjoy it!


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