Thursday, 19 November 2009

Celebrity Homes: Cindy Crawford

Let's take a sneak peek into Cindy Crawford Upper East Side residence she shares with her husband, Rande Gerber, and son, Presley. Los Angeles-based designer Michael S. Smith was chosen to make her dream home come true.

Come on in and tell me what you think of her style.

I tend to gravitate toward heavy furniture,” remarks Crawford. “I like dark wood and solid pieces—they’re kind of homey.”

Architect Oscar Shamamian, who reworked some of the details throughout the apartment, designed the stone mantelpiece for the living room. The photograph is by Kurt Markus.

“The library feels like a library—just without bookshelves,” Crawford says.

“The guest bedroom is about creating drama in a room without a lot of architecture,” says Smith, who mixed bright colors and varied patterns in the space. The bed frame is by Smith;

“Cindy and Rande wanted a pale master bedroom,” Smith says. “It’s the most feminine, romantic room in the apartment.” Arranged before an antique Venetian mirror are a photograph of the couple on their wedding day and a portrait of Crawford.

“Cindy loves things with patinas—worn wood, old leather,” Smith says. He furnished the master bedroom with an aged bamboo chair, a circa 1900 Agra carpet and a bed and sofa of his own design. Crawford found the floral still life at a flea market in Buenos Aires.

This master bedroom belongs to another residence of hers by the sea.
This image via apartmenttherapy, all the rest and information are from Architectural Digest.

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  1. * Cindy just went up ten points in my mind's eye (not that she NEEDED to!)~~

    She shows a great sense of quiet flair & very personal, unique style... some of her choices (ESPECIALLY the small & subtle, which makes them even MORE charming) are just tooooooo wonderful. I admired her before... I reeeeally admire her now. The lady knows how to live... beautifully AND "realistically"...

    Many thanks~~~ enjoyed this all!
    Linda in AZ *

  2. (P.S. Can't figure out WHY you'd want a pic of YOURSELF on your nightstand... the one of them together, yes.... but of YOURSELF? I... don't... think... so...! Just IMHO!)~~~)

  3. GOOD POST here!! now we know how celebritys lives....


  4. Hi Linda! Oh dear you made me laugh with the comment about having her pic on her nightstand! I thought exactly the same thing! I guess that brings her a few points down! But we'll never know if she put it there or if it was just the photographer's idea!

    Thanks for your lovely comments!

  5. Thanks Ironman! I love getting your comments! Keep them coming!

  6. Never mind Cindy Crawford interiors!!!!
    I'm amazed of how well this BLOG is made!!!!
    Congrats to KIFUS!!

  7. jaja, tarde en darme cuenta que la foto en las que estan las fotos era de un espejo


  8. Linda! Gracias por tu comentario! mua!

  9. I think her apartment is a little boring in some rooms and a little busy in others. Not my style!

  10. Cindy Crawford planned her house to be as homey as possible; almost feeling like it's built in the countryside, all with the huge woodwork and pale color schemes. She must have had the exterior earthly-designed, too. It's not surprising if her house's roofing is mostly made of wood or other natural materials. All told, a unique theme she got there.


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