Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Summer House in Mallorca

An all white house with plenty of raw wood furniture, light wooden plank floors, big windows which combined give it an overall summery relaxed feeling.

Beware the loose floor board!

I like the porch curtains.

Add some pillows to the window sill and you have extra seating.

I like the way those curtains graze the floor.
A cheerful house, isn't it?

All images from here.

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  1. very cheerful indeed, theres another dog on de bed :P... but not real jijijiji

    good post.. cant wait for the next one.

    :D :) :| :( :| :) :D

  2. And some little pups in a box beside the bed as well! Thanks Ironman for all your lovely posts! They make my day!

  3. Beautiful and so calming! Thanks!

  4. Questa casa estiva è veramente super-fantastica !!!
    Magari potessi abitarci ! :-)


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