Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Interior Designer Suzanne Lovell

Hello everyone! I finally figured out how to add a "send me an e-mail button" and there it is right in the top right corner (these minor accomplishments feel sooo good!). So, I'm currently putting together pics of readers' rooms with any kind of signs (see post below) which I hope to post soon. Just click on the image to send me your photographs. Thank you!

And back to work now, today's post is all about Chicago interior designer Suzanne Lovell. She has been featured in many interior design magazines such as Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Shelter, CS Interiors, Kitchen Trends and many more. Suzanne is once again among Architectural Digest's "Top 100 Interior Designers and Architects".

I'd like you to see this Queen Anne-style house on a former military base in Fort Sheridan, Illinois featured in Architectural Digest. At the owner's request she turned it into a family weekend and summer home.

What do you think of her rooms?

The east façade shows the overall architecture of the residence, with the original house, left, the mudroom, center, and the addition, sheltering the great room and the garage.

Photography by Tony Soluri

Many more pics for you to see at her website.

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  1. L'ultima foto è veramente troppo bella ! :-)

  2. So beautiful - I love the breakfast room, and the built in banquette. I have never seen any of these pictures before, what a treat!

  3. Very good photos! i love the stairs!!!! thats amazing for the view

  4. Thanks for your comments! And keep 'em coming!


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