Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Beach House in Australia

Good morning everyone. Let me take you to Australia to have a look at this summer house. With neutral-coloured interiors it is decorated with a mix of styles from around the world to create a relaxed ambience.

Walls built with local river stones and pre-made caged wires are effective windbreaks. Rustic table and benches under the shade of an interesting canopy made with cane and a metal frame on wheels.

A distressed tin tabletop.

Unusual coffee table with storage space inside.

Raffia flooring is hard wearing and practical.

Beech floorboards are painted in a lime wash and a polyurethane finish.

The bathroom is classic and understated yet feels luxurious and inviting - pine benches and a handcrafted zinc vanity will gain a rustic appearance over time.

Photographer: Brian Culy
Styling: Georgi Waddy

All images from notebookmagazine.

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  1. I could spend some time in that house! Look at the beach too! Ahhhhh...

  2. Ahhh your blog is enchanting! I am in love with the tin table top as well!
    Have a lovely day!

  3. i love the bathroom! and what a wonderful view! this is making me want to go on vacay :p


  4. Hi Kifus! Beautiful post!! I really love this house... and the location of course :-D


  5. Kifus the house is beautiful! I love the fireplace and the last photo - magic!
    TC, Anna


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