Sunday, 25 April 2010

Beautiful Residence in Argentina

Sunday morning, so peaceful here. I'd like to show you this lovely house in San Miguel del Monte, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's called El Rocío which means "dew". Magnificent centenary trees surround this house. Come and enjoy with me.
See the small round mate on the table right behind the silver knives? I have one just like it! We drink our typical Argentine beverage (mate) from it with a bombilla which is a metal straw with small holes at the end that act as a colander so that the little yerba leaves don't go through as you drink. Love my mate.
Polo playing right behind the house.

Hope you enjoyed this tour! Have a great Sunday!
All images from here.

Thanking Leah from A Silly Little Sparrow blog and Melissa at The Inspired Room for hosting these blog parties!

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  1. Hi Kifus,
    questi residence Argentini sono molto belli ed accoglienti...
    Molto caldi gli interni in legno e cotto.
    Questo genere di arredamento lo amo molto.
    Da ciò puoi capire perchè non mi piace l' IKEA !

  2. Kifus,
    WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL STUNNING house! And the environment out there! My Goodness, I could live there, I am sure!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  3. Hi kifus this house is awesome!!! Beautiful color images...

  4. The colors in these rooms are so lush they almost make me ache! How gorgeous!

  5. Love the colors and I an sooo ready to jump in that pool.

  6. Stunning! I love that bedroom with the sitting area just beyond the bed. The colors and tones and cozy furniture are really calling to me!

  7. Everything about this house makes my heart sing! Oh how I would love to visit!


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