Friday, 30 April 2010

Rustic House in Spain

Friday takes us to Málaga in Spain to have a look at this 50 m2 guest house which belongs to an English family. Arches, beams, iron cast doors and lots of wood give it a warm rustic feel. Wouldn't mind being a guest here at all! And, if this is just the guest house then I'd love to see the main house as well!
Have a great weekend and I'll be here with you tomorrow.


I'm linking up this post at Leah's Toot Your Horn party. As always, thanks for hosting Leah!

All images from Casa Diez.

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  1. Hi Kifus gli interni delle case spagnole mi piacciono molto sono molto perchè danno la sensazione di calore e sono colorate, come quelle californiane...
    Mi è piaciuta molto la 1° foto con l'arco sulla porta !
    Bella idea :-)
    Buon fine settimana.

  2. Wow, this house leaves me speechless, it's breathtaking. With this house happiness comes right away. This is better than a palace, it's a palace itself! Nice colors and great patio to have a cosy dinner with good friends. Impressive!

  3. So pretty Kifus!

  4. Love the sun-drenched interior colors. And, those fret-work cabinet doors in every room are absolutely charming; remind me of arabesque themes I've seen in southern Europe. Absolutely lovely.

    For me, though, the real show-stopper is that patio - Mediterranean perfection!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for your great comments. Off to visit you all now!


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