Sunday, 16 May 2010

Cottage in Australia

Hello readers, hope you are enjoying your weekend. This 1930s country style cottage is in Australia, in New South Wales Northern Tablelands.

Old cane chairs and lounges fill the wide verandahs. The meat safe is filled with tea lights and citronella candles.

Elegant fretwork divides the kitchen from the living room.

Antique lace and linen in the main bedroom.

Photographer: Sam McAdam

Styling: Amanda Mahoney

All images from homelife.

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  1. Although it is fun to see all of the exotic luxury homes I enjoyed this post featuring something more relatable.

  2. Good afternoon Kifus every day I inspiro more write when I see his blog such box are fantastic. simply inspiring Congratulations. Kiss.

  3. Hi Kifus,
    buona domenica...:-)
    Oggi la foto che preferisco è quella dolcissima con i 2 cani che osservano.
    Troppo dolce.


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