Monday, 24 May 2010

White on White Summer House

Hello dears! After a seven hour delay at Rio's airport we finally arrived in Paris yesterday afternoon. So, yay! Here I am in Paris, in Spring with my daughter and hubby, I am so happy!

I have a while before we go out so there's time enough to show you this lovely summer house. A feast to us white lovers, but to those who are not too keen on white bear with me because they are truly wonderful.
Blooms in the perennial garden peek through a white picket fence along the side and back of the 100-year-old shingled house.
A graceful arch frames the view of the sitting room as seen from the entry. A pair of new, extra-comfy lounge chairs focus on the fireplace studded with shore stones.
At the far end of the living room, this atmospheric bay window is fitted with built-in seats and furnished with a table and chairs used primarily for game-playing.
White on white and very pale blues. I guess I'd have to have everything slip-covered before I let my family walk into this room!
Open to the dining room, the kitchen looks larger than it really is. A peninsula is used for both prep work and serving snacks

With its ocean views, the kitchen eating area provides the utmost in waterfront dining. An old ship lantern is now a chandelier.
The girls’ bathroom continues the yellow and white of the bedroom. Built-in ledges hold toiletries.

Sunny and cheerful, this is the girls’ bedroom. Spindle beds were found at a flea market; all other furnishings came with the house.

Traditional Home.

I'd like to thank all of you who left your kind comments yesterday. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

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  1. Love the white ~~~~ Have great fun in Paris!! ♥

  2. It is a wonderful wonderful house!!!!!!
    PS Enjoy your stay in Paris!

  3. I want to live there! Beautiful home. I love everything about it. Enjoy Paris!

  4. I would love to GO there, to a white house like this and see how it feels. I am not sure I could tolerate it, but it does make for come nice pictures.

  5. I am not fan of the "all white" look. But I must say that this house is really nice. The outside look in particular. I love the kitchen:it's nice, clean but yet not too polished.
    Ciao and have a nice stay in Paris!

  6. Ahhhh. The serenity of these pictures is so captivating. I just love coming to your blog and looking at the pictures! I relax immediately and the chaos that is my own house melts away!!

  7. Auchhhh, all that beauty hurts my eyes! Wonderful house and so near the beach. That wooden floor makes the house so complete in combination with the white furniture! A real dreamhouse!


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