Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Summer Home in Spain

Hello my dears. I'd like to show you a renovated fisherman's cottage in Spain. Built into the hillside, this summer home is located near Cabo de Creus, an hour’s drive north of Barcelona, in the fishing village of Cadaques. I love the colours in these rooms: grey, blue, green and yellow washes were applied, and previous layers of paint were scraped back to expose past colour schemes in their mottled variations. As it is a summer holiday home furnishings were kept simple and inexpensive. Trestle tables, cotton ticking fabrics and market finds from all over Europe fit perfectly into the pretty, rustic interior. As there are no windows at the back of the house, it is cool and dimly lit – the perfect hot-weather retreat.

All images from Andreas Von Einsiedel.

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  1. Hi Kifus
    mi è piaciuta molto la foto n. 3, è un'ottima idea in estate quando il camino è spento di metterci all'interno dei fiori secchi.
    Grazie della tua visita e dei tuo fuggevoli ricordi... è sempre molto bello condividere i propri ricordi... :-)

  2. Thanks Myriam, always nice to see you here.

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