Friday 13 November 2009

Delamere Luxury Farm in Australia

Feeling ritzy today? How about some photographs of a 1930's mansion in Mornington Pesninsula, Australia?

It's a huge residence, I got lost half way counting the rooms. Let's see: formal lounge, separate dining room, kitchen, meals area, informal sitting room, 2 conservatories, study, billiard room and powder room. Upstairs: 6 bedrooms, walk-in robes, ensuite bathrooms. It also has central heating, air-conditioning and double lock-up garage, walk-in cool room, outside bar and professional recording studio. Anything else?
Not over yet, there's a pool, spa, tennis court and helicopter pad (helicopter pad??!) set in 8 acres of manicured gardens and full time care taker cottage.
And just a wee bit more: 12 fenced main paddocks, 2 separate stables complexes together with 25 separate day yards.
I guess the owner is a child at heart... notice the candy dispenser, riding horse machine and jukebox!

Let's have a look...

The grounds are really breathtaking.

Lie down on the couch and you can see your refection on the ceiling.

And again, lie on the billiard table and you'll see yourself reflected on the ceiling! Look down and there you are again on the floors!

I love these chairs!
So, would you like living in a place like this? I dunno... I like my cozy apartment.

All images from here.

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  1. Wow, the outside pics are beautiful, especially the one with the bridge and the sea.
    Nice shots.

  2. Thanks Vivi! Glad you liked them!

  3. These shots are amazing!! I feel like they should be in a magazine. But I totally want to rent this place for a weekend. It is absolutely amazing!!


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