Saturday 21 November 2009

Malibu Beach 1930 House

An old House on the Water in California dating back to 1930. The architecture was redesigned by Ferguson & Shamamian while the interior design was appointed to Michael S. Smith.

“It’s a 1930s ideal of a Malibu beach house,” Michael S. Smith says of the residence he designed for film producer Donna Arkoff Roth in California’s Malibu Colony.

Smith arranged a circa 1750 English chest of drawers in the entrance hall.

Nautical paintings—including a 19th-century oil of a burial at sea—hang in the living room.

“I like beach houses to have layering and depth, not the white-on-white look often associated with them,” notes Smith, who opted for a colorful, casual mix of furnishings and fabrics.

reclaimed-chestnut floors.

A sunroom—known in Mallibu Colony as a teahouse—serves as the family room.

A sitting area occupies one end of the master bedroom

Back patio ready for guests.

All images from Architectural Digest

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  1. Another dog on the couch! :D.. good post! love this pictures.. keep going kifus!

  2. What a beautiful home! It's almost bordering on a little too much "stuff" for me, but it's all so perfectly appointed that it's gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for sharing lovely inspirations that make my chilly evening alive.

    Have a blissful w/end.

  4. Never seen such big datura bush ! (last pic)
    Love that interior, warm atmosphere.
    High line described on my blog...

  5. Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments! Going right over to visit your blogs now!

  6. oh, lovely! wish i had a little more money...

    about the stuff on the floor in my blue post: i think it's broken china, actually!

  7. Hi Kifus,
    amo questa casa... trovo l'esterno e l'interno di una calda accoglienza straordinaria...
    Guardandola mi fà desiderare di sdraiarmi sul divano per godere dell'oceano che si intravede dalle finestre.-
    Credo che potrei rimanere ipnotizzata per ore...


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