Friday, 16 April 2010

Lovely White House

Such a beautiful Friday morning deserves a beautiful home. So I'm taking you to Annabel's house to see these gorgeous white rooms. London based 1st-option firm has prepared it for location shooting for films or TV. Every detail is taken care of and I'm sure you can find lots of ideas to inspire you. A beautiful way to start your Friday. Have fun!

























I sooo love it! How about you?
All images from here.

I have linked this post over at Jerri's blog Simply Sweet Home and Melissa's The Inspired Room.

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  1. May I live in your blog .... please,,, LOL

  2. Oh my!! Thank you for sharing this! Breath taking! Have a good day!

  3. This is lovely. Makes me want to whip out my paintbrush and paint every thing in my house white!

  4. {sigh} I want to live here...

    Beautiful blog!

  5. This is gorgeous! I love houses full of white, although I don't think one would make me happy personally because I need a little more color in my life. Still amazing, nonetheless. My favorite part - the artwork of the boy with the clown nose above the fireplace in the bedroom. So fun! Thanks for sharing!

  6. love it...made my way to you from The Inspired Room....great to "meet" a happy follower!!!

  7. BEAUTIFUL as usual!!!!!!!!!

    lots of ideas for Muñiz ;)

  8. Wow, every room is gorgeous. I just love white rooms, especially in summer.


  9. gorgeous!

    it's so tranquil. i can just imagine soaking up in one of those beautiful tubs after a stressful day...


  10. I adore the Love pillow. I actually would love it all!

    I will have a special shout out for you on Monday! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  11. Wow, this house leave me speechless, a breathtaking interior. It's all white but you don't notice that a lot because it's so well decorated with various tones of white that it's like a house with various colors. It looks so cosy and peaceful. Can I spent one day there please!! The house of my dreams!

  12. NiceArtLife took the words out of my mouth, breathtaking! It's a simply elegant white house. Love how the artworks and objects also reflect their personal taste.

    Our home design team believes creating a unique room is about adding personal touches and choosing objects that have meaning.

  13. Kifus,
    Thank you so much for all these images and for sharing the source!!!!(1st option).

  14. I love it too. Especially those little subtle touches of pink.
    I've just popped over from Around My Table and I'm glad I've found your beautiful blog. I'll be back for more inspiration soon. Carole.

  15. Wow! It's so.....white! lol. Looks very nice! Thanks for linking up with me for Friday Favorites!

  16. how did I miss this post? this place is brilliant!! i'd crawl right into that kitchen from my computer if I could.


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