Thursday, 29 April 2010

White House in England

Good morning dear readers. I couldn't resist posting pictures of another house featured on 1st-option. This London based firm has a number of properties prepared for the filming industry. The previous post is here.
This house is called Lavender Grove. Enjoy!











All images from here.
I have linked this post over at Jerri's Simply Sweet Home Gay's It's a Hodgepodge Life and Jessica's Thehillsarelivin blogs. Thanks for being such wonderful hosts!

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  1. the living rooms photos and the master bedroom one took my breath away! and i love the mirrors, especially the antiqued detail on it.

    this is what i imagine my bedroom to be, light and airy.


  2. ikesey muma - those rooms are divine - lovin that blue contrast in those white rooms too!! (as for the boring house front, I'm sure it is some boring rich person that doesn't want to "boast" their wealth!!!), me, I'd tell the world!

  3. The living room is gorgeous! I so love the touch of blue from the flowers!!

  4. The pink furnishings in the otherwise all white little girl's room is fabulous. My daughter would go wild to have a room like this. Unfortunately, I painted her room lavender instead of pink when she was born. Sigh, big mistake. Maybe I can redo it like this one someday!

  5. Gorgeous. I'm a country mouse, personally, but if I had that house then maybe I could be persuaded to live in London!

  6. Be still my heart! I don't know where you find these lovelies, Kifus, but seriously, keep up the good work!

    The little girl's room is amazing. The kitchen is out of my dreams. And the bathroom with those huge hydrangea blooms just couldn't be more perfect.

  7. I really like your blog. I will be back:)

  8. Wow simply beautiful! I adore the little girls bedroom too!!

  9. What a bright and clean looking property. Sort of Englishy SC. Jane F.

  10. I am featuring this next week on Favorite Things Friday! Stop by my blog if you would like a featured button! Thanks!

  11. Wow! Thanks Jessica! How nice of you to think of me for this! You are too kind!

    Thanks all of you for stopping by and leaving your comments!

  12. Lovely! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

  13. White symbolizes purity and serenity. Each time I go to white-inspired houses, I just feel so relaxed and peaceful. So in my own home, I'll have it all white also. From walls, to bedrooms, even the kitchen and the custom iron doors, too! What a very chic idea, isn't it? I'll gladly tell my husband about this. Pretty sure, he'll definitely love it!


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