Wednesday 19 January 2011

House in Connecticut

Except for the entryway and halls which are sand coloured, all the rooms of this Connecticut house are painted white. Then the fun begins by adding colour with fabrics and furniture and by painting the inside of the bookcase and the background of the butler's pantry in the kitchen. Interior designer Jason Bell explains that all the colours in this home were inspired by an old framed needlepoint which you can see in the first picture.

The brilliantly colored 6-by-3-foot needlepoint that says "Why Hurry? There's time enough for everything." inspired the palette for the house.

Hope you enjoyed today's tour. See you tomorrow, dears!

Photographs by Simon Upton

All images from here.

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  1. One of my favourite houses so far! Warm and cosy, despite being painted white... Skillful picture hanging really brings the walls to life. Thank you!

  2. The comfortable style of this home is very welcoming and attainable and a BeColorful girl like me can get on board with the all white walls when you talk about accenting it with pops of color but for me, it needs to be more color. The khaki is barely a color. Bring on more reds, bright yellows, blues.
    I do love the image of the kitchen with its black and white floor. I have the same type floor in my office. Love it but I am glad it isn't in the kitchen because it shows everything.
    The neutrals are quite pretty in the bedroom but for the real "living spaces" I need a bit more life.
    Again, great images.

  3. Welcome back! At least to the Internet! Hope you continue enjoying your fabulous travels~ lovely posts, as usual. Missed you!

  4. LOVE the kitchen's checkerboard floor and that huge wall of cabinets with the green paint! I want... I want!

  5. Lovely colours and the nautical accents just perfect!

  6. This home is pure perfection, you can see the dedication of the decorator in this interior, every detail so well chosen and combined. Amazing!


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