Sunday 30 January 2011

Provencal House

Hi dears! I'm back in Argentina after a great snowy week in NY and Washington DC. As we had already visited most of the museums on previous trips we decided to go to the theatres and we saw four delightful shows: The Lion King, The Importance of Being Earnest, La Cage aux folles and Mary Poppins. All of them admirable.
Now we are staying here until Saturday and then we are finally going back to Brazil. Long, loong, lovely holidays!

Today I'd like to show you this Provencal house perched on a hillside with views of the village of Ramatuelle in France. It belongs to Stephane Olivier, an antique dealer who likes to mis styles, subjects and periods.

Havre de paix dans le jardin
A Napoleon wrought iron garden chair and table on the terrace.

Objets et flore s'entendent à merveille
A mora clock stands next to a Swedish buffet side table. Above it hangs a Jules Didier 19th century painting called "The Gardener". The lamp was designed from a wooden boot.

Salle à manger inspiration brocante
As much as I love this house and its style, I wouldn't dream of placing a stuffed porcupine in the kitchen... nor anywhere else!

Les vestiges du temps visibles dès l'entrée
Interesting and unusual place to place a candle.

Terrasse au coeur de la nature
Leaning against the crumbling wall, an old carpenter's bench serves as a console with a pair of candles on it. Under the pergola, the mismatched chairs are Italian.

Fauteuil bronze et voilages clairs
Antique 18th century Italian chair.

Pichets en terre cuite
Detail of vases and pitcher on the dining room table.

Chambre épurée et zen
In the master bedroom an 18th century Swedish dresser.

Photography Gilles Trillard
All images from here.

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  1. A porcupine. In the kitchen. Maybe it's not dead and is there to help scrub pots and pans?
    It could happen.

  2. I love that- scrub the pots with the porcupine- funny! Or use it as a boot scraper on rainy, muddy days!
    Nice to see you again, Kifus! Seriously, don't go so long- I miss you! I liked The Gardener painting and wondered if there was "The Poolboy" to match???!!! Lovely home and gardens.
    We had our twins today- all went well with the delivery. I have the other 2 boys and I AM TIRED! We have yet to see the babies as they are testing them. In a couple hours, I think! Boy, life is exciting! And my youngest just announced her engagement with a May wedding! Yikes~ I'll never blog again. Good to have you back. You're part of my therapy!

  3. Wow, you must have gotten snow in those travels. My Sis-in-law got 19 inches in NJ and my sis got two storms back to back so they have over 30 inches in Connecticut!

    A stuffed porcupine! Yikes! how weird!

  4. Ohh Lisa, how lovely that the twins have arrived! What a lot of great news! How are you coping with the boys? You must sleep well at night...exhausted after taking care of them all day! Hope the twins are doing fine!


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